Kyro's Morrowind



Ebonheart Expanded: Shady district

It's adds a Shady distric to Ebonheart. adds one Silver shop, 
a few Drug dealers, a bunch of Trainers, and a couple of houses. This was my first mod, I think I've gotten alot better. Only one quest for now, it's pretty easy, I'll try to add more. 

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Gnisis Shacktown


Adds a total of 13 new shacks to Gnisis right across the river from the silt strider. New services include: 


  • Pawn
  • Arms
  • Clothier
  • Alchemist
  • General traders


Seyda Neen Starter Shack

Adds a shack to Seyda Neen, with a note, leaving it to the player. inside is a bed a desk, and three "lockers". Each locker has equipment tailored to suit a different class. One for Mages, Wariors, and Thieves/Assassins.

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Easy On The Eyes

This plugin alters the lake just south of Ebonheart. In my opinion makes it a much more lovely atmosphere to be in.

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Imperial Bridge

Two Dwemmer bridge pieces, retextured to fit the Imperial tile set.

Contains two meshes and four textures.

This is a Modders resource, feel free to use this in any Morrowind Mod.

No credit needed.

All stock Bethesda meshes and textures.


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Kyros Odai

Ever wanted to take your dingy to Balmora?

Well, with this mod you can.....

Any boat mod will work. Ultimate Galleon, Sell n' Sail ect...

More info in the readme.

What this mod does:

Raised A wooden bridge to allow boat access


Altered Odai landscape to allow boat access


Added a road sign at fork in the river